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Items Reported Missing
Equipment taken during the day from a home shop in the 1900 block of West Alcott, Fergus Falls.  A window may have been used to access the locked building. A welder and saws worth more than a thousand dollars were taken.
Owners of the Dalton Café discovered a burglary today (Wednesday) when opening. A check book and cash from the register are missing. 

Fergus Falls Scam Averted
An age-old scam was attempted yesterday (Wednesday) involving a couple in Fergus Falls. They were reported as arguing in the Sunmart parking lot during the noon hour. Officers called to the scene were told that the wife had received a call saying their daughter was in jail and needed money wired to pay for fines and lawyer fees. The husband was arguing that he thought it was a scam. Police Sergeant Michael Kusnierek says the officers told the couple to call their daughter and found that she was in fact, not in jail…
“Very rarely are you going to have any situation where someone is going to need to have money wired to a jail. If they’re going to send it by wire, if the person’s in jail, there’s no way they could go to pick up that money that’s being wired.”  
The couple had mentioned that the scam artist had requested they purchase green dot cards at Kmart. Since there is no Kmart in Fergus Falls anymore, Kusnierek says that was also a red flag that the scammer didn’t know what’s going on in Fergus Falls.

Ward Three Candidates Met Thursday
Fergus Falls City Council Ward Three met Thursday. Candidate Justin Arneson talked about transparency in his opening remarks:
“My desire to be on city council is to bring some of my views and thoughts, to be transparent and educate the citizens on key issues facing our city and to work together for the needs of the city.  There seems to be a big disconnect with information or lack of information the citizens receive and what is really going on in the city…  As your councilman, my goal is to keep citizens more informed on current projects, future projects and the direction we are trying to move the city.”
Jay Cichosz responded in the closing remarks:
“Because we got tons of information to our disposal prior to making decisions. We don’t just sit up here like a bunch trained monkeys and say ‘yes’ every time. That’s not how it works. It’s a well thought out decision that we talk about many times before and read stuff before we come here. You have access and the community to all that stuff. Instead of complaining about where is the information, just ask for it and it’s all there….. The decisions made up here are informed decisions and there is not some grand conspiracy of city council members trying to do something for their best benefit.”
Peg Access recorded all of the forums and will be playing them over the next couple of weeks.
Brent Thompson, another candidate in Ward Three, did not attend the forum. 

Ward Four Debate Tonight
 Write-in candidate for Ward 4 on the city council, Rod Spidahl, has organized a debate with incumbent Randy Synstelien for 6 pm tonight.  . It’s open to the public in the city council chambers and will follow the same format as the ones held for the other three wards.
Spidahl had not been invited to the candidate forum sponsored by the Kiwanis club because is running as a write-in candidate so his name will not be in the ballot. 

Ward Two Candidates Discuss Pebble Lake Golf Course
 At the Ward Two city council candidate forum a question from the audience was asked, “Why do we keep pumping money into the golf course?”
Incumbent Scott Rachels: “Should we sell it, should we continue to put money into it, that’s a discussion that is going to come up in the future. I don’t know if it is for sale, nobody’s talked about selling it, privatize it. I don’t know what we are going to do. No more money is going there except for the forty-thousand dollars that’s in the budget right now for equipment.”
Tedd Steenbock on the same question: “I’m not an avid golfer. When we drive by there on a Sunday afternoon you’d expect the place to full. If you see one cart out you are lucky.  I think we are promoting something for people that don’t live in Fergus Falls. I think if we take a poll on how many people actually use that facility it would be scary to see what the small numbers would be.  So I have the same question, why are we pumping money into the golf course?”
Ward Three Forum is Thursday at noon in the council chambers.  A forum for Ward Four has now be set for Thursday at 6 pm also in the council chambers. 

Erratic Driving Leads to Arrest
Officers responding to a report of erratic driving made an arrest Tuesday afternoon near Dunvilla. They found the red car doing 80 mph in a 60 zone. Christine Dian Erickson at first gave the name of her sister. Erickson was arrested on charges of driving after suspension, no proof of insurance, possession of a controlled substance.

Hamil Charged Death of Girlfriend
A Florida man has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide for an accident that killed his girlfriend.
David Shane Hamil of Florida was staying at a cabin in Otter Tail County last July.  He said they were fighting on the way home from the bar July 4th (2014) and his girlfriend, Holly Homewood, was hitting him in the face. He lost control on a curve near the intersection of Co Hwy 31 & Franklin Lake.
His girlfriend was found in the water deceased.  
Hamil is charged with five felony counts of criminal vehicular homicide related to the accident. 

Vehicle from Unreported Crash Sought by Sheriff’s Office
Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to help locate a Ford Focus that was involved in a single vehicle rollover crash.  The vehicle was eastbound on 428th Street and was unable to make the curve at 275th Ave east of Lake Lida Monday morning.  The vehicle crashed into a large wooden post supporting a red metal gate.  They are looking for a 2007 to 2009 white or silver Ford Focus with extensive front-end damage. 

$3600 Worth of Power Cords Taken
Some heavy-duty power cords were taken from a gravel pit just outside of Parkers Prairie.  The 400 foot of electrical power cord is $3600 to replace.  The sheriff’s office is investigating. 

Some Stolen Tools Recovered from Impound
Tools were reported taken from an address west of Elizabeth.  Officers found some of the power tools in a vehicle that was already in the county impound lot.  They would not say who owns the car or if they have a suspect in the theft.  Still missing is a brown tool bag with Snap-On brand impact wrench and sockets worth $500.

Crimes of Opportunity
Unlocked vehicles were gone through in the 3900 block of Pebble Shores Circle in Fergus Falls.   A 38-caliber pistol was taken from one vehicle, cash, safety glasses and other items taken from another vehicle.  Police say these are crimes of opportunity and if the vehicle was locked, the thief probably would have walked right by.   Good idea to lock your vehicle even if it is parked in your garage or driveway, another option is to take your valuables inside with you at night. 

Neglect of a Child Alleged From August Police Incident
The woman responsible for calling 911 August 27th that resulted in a police incident in Fergus Falls has been charged with child neglect or endangerment.  Court documents state that 33-year-old Marlana Marie Reckmo was having hallucinations from drug use at the time she called. She stated that she was upstairs in the home, there were suspects with weapons downstairs and her son had been sexually assaulted.
A specialized interviewer spoke with the child, the interviewer stated that the eyes of the 5 year old were so extremely dilated that she had trouble seeing what color his eyes were.
During a search warrant of the home, officers found a number of baggies with suspected drug residue, piles of clothing and full bags of garbage through out the home.
The 911 call resulted in police blocking off the street for a number of hours because they did not know at first that no one else was in the home.
Reckmo will have her next court appearance November 3rd.

Vehicle’s Owner Cited
The Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office issued citations to the registered owner after the parties involved in a crash would not cooperate with the investigation.
The Mazda was found on Hwy 17 near the Vergas Trails Saturday morning.  It had heavy front-end damage and appeared to have been driven with both front tires flattened down to the rims.  Marijuana items were found in the vehicle and the interior smelled of alcohol.  During the investigation, the registered owner said they did not know who was driving the vehicle, or where the vehicle crashed.    Since they were not cooperating with officials, the registered owner was cited for no proof of insurance and leaving a vehicle on the roadway. 

Two Fires in Wilkin Co
Two fires reported in Wilkin County over the weekend.  A barn fire reported on 250th Street Saturday.  The fire is believed to have started by embers from a nearby brush pile that was burning.  The barn has damage to the roof but remains standing.  No animals or people hurt in the fire.
The second fire was a grain dryer owned by Timothy Buth on fire on 200th street.  The cause of this fire is unknown and the grain dryer is a total loss. 

Ward One Candidate Forum
Ward One was up first for city council forums.
Candidate Darren Appert on why he is running: “What brings me here today is to discuss the questions posed at this forum and my positions or thoughts on those issues that will be or already are effecting our city. The desire to be on the Fergus Falls City Council is to bring some of those views and using common sense, a commitment to our future and government transparency and bring that to the table to be a voice of the citizens of Fergus Falls by championing your right to be heard on these issues.”
Incumbent Stan Synstelien: “Why am I running? I guess four years ago at this time I was just evaluating and had some of the same questions that Darren brought up.  You know, just in terms of the city council. When you aren’t on the city council, ah, you always do wonder what’s going on behind closed doors and what’s going on in, ah, with the staff and what not. Well, I am happy to say that I have learned a lot since being on city council and I appreciate the openness of the staff and city council members.”
The third candidate, Matthew Nickolauson, was not there and there was not an explanation for his absence.
Questions ranged from redevelopment of the former state hospital or Kirkbride building, bringing new or supporting business in town, the library renewal project and city budget.
Ward Two candidates meet Wednesday at noon with same questions.
Ward Three is Thursday also at noon. The forums are held in the city council chambers. 

Dent Motorcycle Recovered in California
A motorcycle stolen from Dent area of Otter Tail County was recovered in California.  The California Hwy Patrol from the Los Angeles area called Sunday to confirm that a 1962 Triumph motorcycle reported stolen in January of 2012 was the one they had recovered.    

Four-Wheeler Stolen
A four-wheeler went missing over the weekend from a rural Pelican Rapids address on Co Hwy 4.  The ATV is a dark olive drab green, Polaris 500 Sportsman worth $1900. The sheriff’s office is investigating. 

One Person Arrested after Disturbance
One person is under arrest following a disturbance at the CARE Unit in Fergus Falls. CARE is a locked drug treatment facility. Police were called there Thursday afternoon as two women were fighting.  One of them picked up a chair and hit the other one with it. She also punched the same woman in the face, breaking her glasses.  Police arrested 31-year-old Crystal Rose Sargent on charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage to property. 

Hillary Clinton is Minnesota-bound to help Dayton
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton is heading to Minnesota to raise money for fellow Democrat Governor Mark Dayton
Clinton is set to headline a Thursday evening fundraiser in St. Paul for Dayton. Tickets for the dinner event at the St. Paul RiverCentre range from $150 to $2,500.
Former colleagues in the U.S. Senate, Dayton supported Clinton's 2008 presidential candidacy and has said he would do so again. The first-term Democratic governor leads Republican challenger Jeff Johnson in public polling.
The possible 2016 presidential candidate is just the latest Democrat to stump for Dayton and U.S. Senator Al Franken. Her visit comes on the heels of her husband's own trip to Minneapolis earlier this month. Former President Bill Clinton headlined a get-out-the-vote rally for Dayton and Franken at the University of Minnesota.

 VP Biden coming to Minnesota next week
DULUTH, Minn. (AP) - The White House says Vice President Joe Biden is coming to Minnesota next week.
Biden will appear at an event on domestic violence in Duluth on Thursday. More details will be released later.
Minnesota also gets a visit from first lady Michelle Obama next week as the campaigns enter the home stretch.
The Minnesota DFL Party says Mrs. Obama will campaign for Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and Senator Al Franken at a get-out-the-vote rally Tuesday at Patrick Henry High School in north Minneapolis.

Burris Trial Ends with Guilty Plea Agreement
In a shocking twist this morning (Thursday) in Otter Tail County District Court, Michael Alan Burris entered a plea petition to stop the murder trial that was to enter the third day.
66-year-old Burris plead guilty to murder in the second degree of unintentional murder.  Burris then took the stand to answer questions.  He said that he and Scott Burris argued that day. Scott had picked up Michael’s gun and pointed it him. When Scott set the gun down, Michael picked it up and shot Scott, killing him.
Prosecuting attorney, Michelle Eldien says she was surprised at this outcome and said it is an appropriate result. She added that this is closure for the family, something they have wanted for two years.
The plea agreement calls for 150 months in prison (12 and a half years).  Burris will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.
Sentencing was set for December 19th.  The trial was to resume at 10:30 this morning.  When the jury reconvenes they will be told that they are dismissed. 

Michael Alan Burris

Job Market Has Changed

The job market in the area has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and while people may not be aware, there are literally hundreds of part-time jobs available in the area for older retired people as well as singles and Mom and Dads. Employers are gathering together for the 'Make More Money Job Fair' to be held in Legacy Hall at M State in Fergus Falls on October 23rd from 4 to 8pm.  It's not the normal type of Job Fair, and Rick Schara from the Workforce Center explains why: "It's kind of a different take on a job fair with the part-time, full-time, seasonal positions. So it's a little different than many job fairs. If you'd come there I'd say still bring a resume if you have one, or just come and talk to the employers and you might get a better idea of the situation they have in their individual businesses and the flexibility."
Whether a retiree or a mom or dad or a single person, many companies will be recruiting and answering questions at that time. Rick Schara told us about how employers are able to work with most people's schedules as well:
"Again I think that's the thing I'm seeing I'm seeing out there, is the flexibility of employers to really work with individuals, to fit their own schedule, so that's a big plus to find out about at this event. What you might have thought 5 years ago that you could work those few of hours, that has totally changed now, and the opportunities are out there."
Don't forget bring your resume if you attend and hours you are available. That's Oct 23rd from 4-8pm in Legacy Hall at M State in Fergus Falls.

Long Prairie Chamber Orchestra Concert October 25 to Feature Spooky Music
A concert by the Long Prairie Chamber Orchestra will be held on Saturday, October 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of Long-Prairie Grey Eagle High School.   The new music director for the Long Prairie Chamber Orchestra, Mark C. Graf, is beginning the season with "A Fall Spook-tacular", a program of spooky songs made famous through the years by Halloween and Hollywood.  Danse Macabre, The Night on Bald Mountain and Jaws are all featured on the program. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for students and seniors, $12 for families, and free for children 12 and under.  Guests are invited to come to the concert in Halloween costume.  There will be surprises and sweets for Halloween fans of all ages.  The chamber orchestra is comprised of a small group of musicians from a 60 mile radius of Long Prairie including the communities of Perham and Wadena.
Tri-County Health Care to sponsor Women's Day Out November 2
Tri-County Health Care will sponsor a Women's Day Out on Sunday, Nov. 2, focusing on health, organizational tips, inspiration and style trends perfect for today’s busy women.  The annual event will be held at the Wadena-Deer Creek Middle/High School from 1 – 5:15 p.m. and features educational booths, health screenings, cooking demonstrations and breakout sessions. Women will have the chance to connect face-to-face with medical providers and hear keynote speaker Joan Steffend speak on rediscovering who you were born to be.  Free childcare will be available.  Admission to Women’s Day Out is free.  However, seating is limited and pre-registration is required by calling Tri-County Health Care in Wadena or by registering online at TCHC dot org (