Your Music, Your Station!



Lakes 99.5 FM, KPRW, Perham, has made some very positive changes with the addition of two new On-Air Personalities.  Dave Howey continues "wake-up" duties from 5am to 10am and we also invite you to listen each weekday from 10am to 3pm to Jill St. John.  For your drive home, tune-in to Aaron Taylor from 3pm to 8pm each day.  Both Jill and Aaron are committed radio pros who are excited to be a part of Lakes Radio and lending local voices to Perham, New York Mills, Frazee, Otter Tail, Wadena, Detroit Lakes and the LOCAL LAKES AREA.  The weekend is filled with local voices including Dave Howey, and veteran broadcasters' Joel Koetke.
Local and Regional news is provided each morning, noon and night by Jim Sturgeon with special area reporting by Lina Belar and James Allen.
Mike Peterson is the Lakes 99.5 Sports Director and long-time Perham coach with reports at 7am, 8am and 520pm.  Listen to area coaching voices Saturday's at 8am during the Lakes 99.5 Lakes Area Coaches Show.

Dave Howey 5-10am

Bio: David Howey Pulls double-duty for Lakes 99.5 FM.  He starts your day provided you awake and listen between 5-10am.  After the music and fun - he's the Operations Manager at KPRW.  Dave likes to put his own 'stink' on the commercials he writes and produces for the clients you hear - and some you don't hear as his voice can be heard in other markets all over the country.   He’s interested in anything that combines creativity and technology - acting, singing, writing, shooting and editing videos, fixing computers and other equipment and oh, and he plays the trombone.  Dave and his "first wife" Jennifer of 30+ years enjoy the continuing adventure of life at the Lakes.  You'll see 'em seasonally zipping around in their cute little '78 MGB - maybe off to visit the kids.  "Be sure to LYAO while you TCB or you could end up in an ICU"

Jill St. John 10am-3pm

Bio:  Jill St John has spent a great deal of time in Fargo radio as well as Minneapolis and Milwaukee.   Her folks had a cabin on Rush Lake for over 12 years and she is a big fan of Perham/Lakes area as opposed to the "rat race" of the big city.  Jill also has narrated a national television program on Discovery Health Channel called "House of Babies" as well as narrated Microsoft Business Solutions software worldwide for over 9 years.  She has been married 22 years and has 2 children. Adam, 15 and Hannah, 17.  Well...3 children including her yellow lab "Popcorn"


Aaron Taylor 3pm- 8pm

Hobbies Interests-Vikings-I Love this team so much I'll move to Los Angeles.... No I won't Timberwolves-If we're bad every year we'll keep getting the best players. Yay! Twins- New Stadium is awesome. First Round Playoff matchups with the Yankees, not awesome. Fantasy Football- Wife and I run a couple of leagues. Wife and I have never won any of those leagues. Boating- Got a new boat in summer of 2010 and love the river. Fishing- Love to rent cabins up north in the summer and fish fish fish! With boats that work. Hunting- Got a nice 10 point buck in November 2009 near St. Cloud. Weighed in at 221lbs and finally made the Ledebuhr butcher board. Xbox 360- Rock band Call of Duty Madden NBA 2K.  If you play rock band on expert, backwards, it tells you to buy a German car.  Live Music- Whether I'm seeing a show locally or going to the Twin Cities, I can’t have enough! Golfing- This area has a ton of golf courses! 1 Eagle, 0 Hole in one’s lifetime. Temper tantrums...None Ever!!! Favorite Website- They have everything! Favorite TV Shows- Survivor, Idol, Pawn Stars, Shameless, Boardwalk Empire Career Path- Anoka High School Class of 92. Entry Level Degree from MN River land Technical College in Austin MN. Worked in Radio/TV in Austin, Albert Lea, Mankato, and Duluth. Personal Path- Married Wife Laurie Kennedy from Onalaska Wisconsin. No children 1 cat. Live MN. Quote- I'm informalarious!