"Minnesota's Custom Rock"
Z103 plays the best Rock and Roll from the last 4 decades: The classic rock from the 70's, the huge rock and pop hits of the 1980's, The modern and mainstream rock that changed the 90's, and the huge hits of the new century.


Kevin Reed
Operations Manager and Z103.3 Morning Show Host
I am originally from Ohio, and began my radio career in 1986 at my hometown station.  In 2004, I moved to the Twin Cities to be Producer/Engineer of the Minnesota Twins Radio Network and have lived in The Land of 10,000 Lakes since.  Other than Ohio and Minnesota, I have worked at radio stations in Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  Along the way, I have broadcast countless high school, college and professional sports, worked too many overnight air shifts and generally spent my life on the air.  Z103.3 plays the music I grew up with, and still love today, as well as new songs from classic artists and rising stars too; and those tunes are why I’m at Minnesota’s Custom Rock.  When not at the station, I enjoy the outdoors (camping, fishing, hiking, etc.), sports (either at the game, watching on TV or listening on the radio) and spending quality time with family and friends.

Aaron Taylor
Hobbies Interests-Vikings-I Love this team so much I'll move to Los Angeles.... No I won't Timberwolves-If we're bad every year we'll keep getting the best players. Yay! Twins- New Stadium is awesome. First Round Playoff matchups with the Yankees, not awesome. Fantasy Football- Wife and I run a couple of leagues. Wife and I have never won any of those leagues. Boating- Got a new boat in summer of 2010 and love the river. Fishing- Love to rent cabins up north in the summer and fish fish fish! With boats that work. Hunting- Got a nice 10 point buck in November 2009 near St. Cloud. Weighed in at 221lbs and finally made the Ledebuhr butcher board. Xbox 360- Rock band Call of Duty Madden NBA 2K.  If you play rock band on expert, backwards, it tells you to buy a German car.  Live Music- Whether I'm seeing a show locally or going to the Twin Cities, I can’t have enough! Golfing- This area has a ton of golf courses! 1 Eagle, 0 Hole in one’s lifetime. Temper tantrums...None Ever!!! Favorite Website- Google.com They have everything! Favorite TV Shows- Survivor, Idol, Pawn Stars, Shameless, Boardwalk Empire Career Path- Anoka High School Class of 92. Entry Level Degree from MN River land Technical College in Austin MN. Worked in Radio/TV in Austin, Albert Lea, Mankato, and Duluth. Personal Path- Married Wife Laurie Kennedy from Onalaska Wisconsin. No children 1 cat. Live MN. Quote- I'm informalarious!

Mary Dolan 
I've been "lovin' the radio life" since 1982, when I answered an ad on the radio to apply for the position of radio copywriter!  I started at the typewriter and eased my way behind the microphone!  Every now and then, they'd take me from the typewriter (it was 1982, after all!) and have me record a line or two.  It worked into more and more until I sat behind a board full of buttons and had to quickly learn the ropes of being an on air personality!
I've loved my years in radio and hope it lasts forever!  Morning Talk Magazine is the perfect way for me to start each day.  Greg Brady and I have a great time on the air together and hope we cause a few laughs for our listeners each day, too! 
If you're a listener, you already know my favorite things; My 3 adorable Grandkids and Cabin life on Lake Lida!  3 little ones jumping off the dock and playing in the sand every summer is as good as it gets.  If you can drag me off the dock, I like to play an occasional round of golf, too!
Nearly everyday, I run into someone who says they enjoy our morning show...and that's enough to keep me coming back everyday!  Thanks for listening!  Grab a cup of coffee and join us every Monday through Thursday morning at 9:10am on 1250 KBRF!

Chuck Aamot
I graduated from Bemidji State in 1987 and became an intern, then part-time weekend announcer and eventually full- time announcer and music director for 1250 KBRF. I have since become the Production Director and have held that position for several years...plus I do some broadcasting, mainly Saturday mornings on 1250 KBRF. I grew up in Wendell, so it's great to be on the air in an area that I know so well.

Dave Bishop
Dave Bishop was born and raised right here in Fergus Falls. Graduated from FFHS in the mid nineties. Got into radio when his former boss told him to jot some stuff down and head to the radio station and record a couple ads. Thought it was kinda fun thought it would be a cool part time job for a few months. (that was back in 1998) Dave has done just about every job on the on air side here at Lakes Radio, with the exception of sports play by play.
Hobbies Muskie fishing out on West Battle, Flying R/C Airplanes and Helicopters, hunting, Loves Video Games.  
Kevin Reed 
weekdays 6-10am
Start your morning with the best variety of rock on the radio! The Z103 Morning Show is for the music fan and plays more music than any other morning show - and you still get all the weather, news, sports and other info you want: without all the chatter and hot air....Just good tunes all morning long with Kevin Reed.
Aaron Taylor
Weekdays 10am-2pm
Middays on Z103 go faster with Aaron Taylor! Aaron's entertainment knowledge and the best rock music library on the radio make for good listening in the daytime. You'll get your news just before lunch at 11:50 am too! From your mid-morning through lunch and early afternoon, listening is a breeze with Aaron Taylor.
Mary Dolan
Weekdays 2-6pm
Your afternoons are better with Mary Dolan! Mary's friendly, relaxed style will get you through the end of your workday and drive home. Plus, you'll hear the Custom Rock Block at 5:25 pm. Get your afternoon and evening rockin' with Mary Dolan. 

Chuck Aamot
Weekdays 6-10 pm
Chuck rocks nights on Z103! Chuck is a huge music fan and he knows his stuff...He's here spinning your favorite rock tunes every night ! Turn it up with Chuck Aamot weeknights on Z103!

Dave Bishop:
Sat Nights: 6pm to midnight, Sun Nights 2pm to 6pm
Dave is Z103's "Weekend Warrior" - Tune in every weekend night for the best variety of rockin' tunes from the 70's to today - Dave knows what Z103 listeners want for weekends in the Lakes area..the Heart of Rock !