Weather Spotters

We are pleased and proud to have so many people from our communities be a part of 'First Alert Team’ to report conditions in times of inclement weather in the area around Ottertail County.
Otter Tail Power Company & Leighton Broadcasting provide the rain gauge, outdoor thermometer and yard stick as equipment to accurately report morning temperatures and precipitation. 
If severe weather is approaching your area, you are asked to call Leighton Broadcasting at 1-877-725-2537 to report conditions during our storm coverage. You will report conditions live On-Air or we will take down your report and include it in our comprehensive broadcast.
Otter Tail Power Company Weather Spotters are required to:
  • Call 1-866-599-2358 on your designated day, between 5am and 9am to report current temperature and precipitation amounts (rain/snowfall) if any. We depend on you to call on your designated day every week, but feel free to call Leighton Broadcasting with your weather report any day of the week.
  • Please speak slowly and clearly, leaving your full name, specific location and time of your report.
  • Report Severe Weather approaching in your area.
  • Update information at Leighton Broadcasting with any address, phone number or e-mail address changes.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Leighton Broadcasting
Otter Tail Power Company is grateful for the service you provide serving as a Weather Spotter for Leighton Broadcasting. Your commitment enhances our goals of public service and safety!
Happy Spotting!