Dave Howey 5-10am

 David is interested in anything that combines creativity and technology - acting, singing, writing, shooting and editing videos, fixing computers and other equipment, watching movies and live music performances, and oh, he plays the trombone.  Dave and his wife Jennifer enjoy their continuing adventure of life at the Lakes.  You'll see 'em seasonally zipping around in their cute little MGB - maybe off to visit the kids. Email Dave at


Mollie Wasche 10am-3pm 


Hometown: I tell people Duluth because they've never heard of Moose Lake.

Education: Moose Lake HS, Hibbing CC, St. Cloud State

Fav. Movies: Liar Liar, Taken, Just Go With It, The Grinch, The Heat, Hunger Games, Wolf of Wall Street, Mean Girls.

Status: Mostly single, even when I'm not.

Children: Not a chance.

What I watch: Law and Order SVU, Ellen, E! News, and Reality TV.

Elliot Ames 3pm-8p