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       KJJK-FM has been on the air, broadcasting out of Fergus Falls since September of 1986. We have been proudly playing Today's Best Country since the mid 90's.  Music from Garth Brooks to Eric Church every morning and lots of Fergus Talk.  MN Hall of Fame Sports Broadcaster Craig Olson talks with Aaron and Elly Live with Sports at 7:40 and 8:40. Tune in for free giveaways and laughter with KJ Country!

Live Streaming of 96.5 is currently available during local sports broadcasts only

John Morrissey
12 - 5am
 Loves everything about his life, except beets and his neighbor’s barking dogs.  A long time radio and TV guy, spends his nights on the air and his summer days driving an old ’64 Ford Falcon convertible.  And, if Irish eyes are smiling, John’s are laughing their eye brows off.  When he is not having fun on the radio, John plays the snare drum in an Irish pipe band.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen him in a kilt.

Rick Morgan

5 -6am
MORGAN IN THE MORNING has always been a morning person so this job is perfect for him. In fact, he credits it with keeping his marriage together for 26 years. His wife says if he was at the breakfast table everyday she’d been out of there long ago. His daughters will second that. The boy does like to talk! He started waking people up on the radio years ago when he realized that he didn’t have to sweat. And now ‘Morgan in the Morning’ enjoys misbehaving with his listeners on a daily basis. “The free coffee and internet ain’t bad either”, he says.

Aaron Taylor

KJ Country Morning Show
Host 6-9am

Hobbies Interests-Vikings-I Love this team so much I'll move to Los Angeles.... No I won't Timberwolves-If we're bad every year we'll keep getting the best players. Yay! Twins- New Stadium is awesome. First Round Playoff matchups with the Yankees, not awesome. Fantasy Football- Wife and I run a couple of leagues. Wife and I have never won any of those leagues. Boating- Got a new boat in summer of 2010 and love the river. Fishing- Love to rent cabins up north in the summer and fish fish fish! With boats that work. Hunting- Got a nice 10 point buck in November 2009 near St. Cloud. Weighed in at 221lbs and finally made the Ledebuhr butcher board. Xbox 360- Rock band Call of Duty Madden NBA 2K.  If you play rock band on expert, backwards, it tells you to buy a German car.  Live Music- Whether I'm seeing a show locally or going to the Twin Cities, I can’t have enough! Golfing- This area has a ton of golf courses! 1 Eagle, 0 Hole in one’s lifetime. Temper tantrums...None Ever!!! Favorite Website- They have everything! Favorite TV Shows- Survivor, Idol, Pawn Stars, Shameless, Boardwalk Empire Career Path- Anoka High School Class of 92. Entry Level Degree from MN River land Technical College in Austin MN. Worked in Radio/TV in Austin, Albert Lea, Mankato, and Duluth. Personal Path- Married Wife Laurie Kennedy from Onalaska Wisconsin. No children 1 cat. Live MN. Quote- I'm informalarious!


KJ Country Morning Show Host 7-9am

I’ve been a part of the KJ Country morning show since 2006. Before that, I did commercial work here at Lakes Radio. It’s my home away from home.
My husband and I live on a hobby farm near Foxhome. We love the country life and we share our land with three labs and one cat. My husband is a retired rural mail carrier and a Vietnam veteran. I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Minnesota in 1975. I attended Perham High School and M-State Fergus Falls. In my “free” time, I enjoy reading, making cards, cooking, watching movies and high school and professional football. I am a big fan of the Minnesota Lynx. Some of my favorites on TV: Hostages, NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, American Horror Story and Hannibal. My Husband and I have three children who are all married and have given us 5 grandsons (so far). I believe in being a good person. One of my favorite quoted is “Be Nice or Leave”.

Penny Mitchell

9am – 2pm
Penny Mitchell grew up being utterly and completely enamored of radio BUT decided to go into nursing upon graduating from high school. The thought of going into radio never even remotely crossed her mind: She grew up never hearing a woman on the air, ever, in any capacity. In nursing school at Colorado State University/Pueblo she heard the new morning person at KILO FM and it was…a woman. And lo, the world suddenly had one less nurse and one more radio person. Penny's parents never quite got over that. Penny's first ever radio job was at a country station in Pueblo as the worst overnight jock in the universe. She has gratefully spent the majority of her almost-30 years in radio working with country music, which possesses the nicest artists and BEST listeners!

Tad Svendsen

2- 7pm
Tad Svendsen has been captivated by radio since receiving his first portable for Christmas as a child. He says it's the first (and still the best) mobile communications device. He's fastened radios to his bicycle handlebars, strung antennas through trees, and broken more radios than most people will ever own. Tad began broadcasting while still a teen at a country station in South Dakota. He's gone on to play all kinds of music at stations across the nation, but he always comes home to Country music. It's his job to make all of the show just as entertaining as the music he plays. Tad's been known to spend too much money on cars and not enough on haircuts. He enjoys looking after the family farmland each summer. Tad is single but hasn't yet given up. He lives with his border collie Grady and just about every gadget he can find. He usually has two or three radios all playing at once, and he's still looking for the best way to attach one to his handlebars.

Jeff Young

Jeff Young became an instant country music fan at the age of 16, when a friend played him a Waylon Jennings album. "Prior to that, I assumed that country was about people who lived a lifestyle completely foreign to me -- that we had nothing in common. Was I ever wrong! Country is about real people with real feelings and experiences similar to what mine were growing up. Now that I'm an adult with my own family, it's truer than ever". When Jeff began working in country music radio and had the opportunity to meet and speak with country stars first hand, he was even more pleasantly surprised by how relatable and friendly they are when not on stage performing. "Plus, I can actually understand the words when they sing. Rock and pop fans can't always say the same. Which may be just as well!"